International Women's Day at Spartina 449

Written by Hannah Hurst — March 07, 2024

International Women's Day at Spartina 449

Spartina 449 is made up of 95% women.

We sat down with our Founder and CEO, Kay Stanley, to talk Spartina 449 and the women who make it what it is. With a 91% women-led team, Kay shares why she values this statistic.


Kay, tell us your favorite thing about your Spartina team. 

"What makes my team so special is the way they come together to solve problems, share ideas, and propel Spartina to new levels. We only hire the best minds here: not only by way of intelligence and experience, but by their ability to foster great working relationships."

What is the importance of 95% representation of women in Spartina 449? How do these women inspire you?

"I am inspired by the women of Spartina daily. They are Spartina: multi-generational, from different areas with different life experiences, providing viewpoints that help me make decisions with the direction of this company. Each woman offers a piece of who they are to build a brand that connects with customers like them."

Looking back, what event do you credit as a turning point in your career?

"I can think of several moments I would define as turning points in my career. The first that comes to mind is making the decision to create Spartina with no experience in the fashion industry, and every step to growth after that was met with the realization that I had no experience in what I wanted to do. Would we succeed or fail? It was critical to surround myself with the best people to create the Spartina team to accomplish what we have, leaning on them in unknown situations from the start, like how to design and manufacture handbags, jewelry, and apparel when I had never done it. At each turning point, I’ve learned that sometimes you have to just make the decision to do something regardless of experience, but you’ll find better results when you take the opportunity to learn from others and ask lots of questions. If you never stop asking questions and learning from others, you’ll be able to grow both as a brand and personally. It’s no accident that the people I’m asking these questions to and learning from are my team of 95% women."


Meet more of the women of Spartina 449 at a store near you.